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WiFi at Westwood

Schedule Update


Things have changed a little. Those of you on our email list should get more details. But here is the latest update on our schedule:

October 18 - Los Angeles
19-20 - San Francisco. Derek and Amy Chapman are arranging the party . . or whatever we do in that city.
21 - Redwoods, North California
22 - Portland, Oregon. (Bob Hyatt is organizing the pizza party, which was scheduled for the 20th - sorry bob to be so late - I will send you an email to let you know)
23 - Vancouver Washington. Attending Glenwood Community Church, where I was an associate pastor from 1989-1991.
24 - (just me) Nashville
25 - Chattanooga, TN
27 (either San Diego or Colorado Springs, depending on weather)
Sunday 30 - Austin, attending our home church, Austin First Baptist - sure hope they remember us after nearly 6 years away overseas.
31 - Dallas
Nov 1 - Houston

I know . . . not much of a relaxing furlough. And we are driving about 7000 miles. But hey . . . we can sleep on the plane on the way home . . . right?