Back Home in Scotland

Blogging Less, Living More

My name is Andrew and I am a blogaholic. Hours seem like minutes to me, when I am online. My kids say that their dad is always on the computer . . . which is not exactly true . .  but I dont like the sound of that and I dont want their memory of me to have a screen in front of it.

Part of the problem is that much of what I do has converged onto one screen. I know that sounds like a weak excuse of an addict but its true: Tasks that I used to handle away from the computer are now all consolidated into one box and one screen - buying airplane tickets, storing photos, writing reports, researching, communicating, blogging, shopping. - all through the computer. My eyes are turning into rectangles

And blogging, (writing a post, following the conversation and interaction, tracking it on technorati, defending it from the critics, etc) which should have a balanced place in my life as one of those things, can be addictive for me and is therefore an idol.

Actually, keeping up with the latest information is even more addicting than blogging and I have found myself refreshing my RSS reader more than 10 times a day to keep up on things. Thats too many times  . .  really!

So . .  our family was discussing it last month during our travels and we decided that I should have more time boundaries on my blogging. As of this week, I will not be blogging on weekends and will reserve key family times, such as evenings, for non-computer related activities. My policy a few months ago was DO LESS, BLOG MORE. But now it is BLOG LESS, LIVE MORE.

So my family now gets more of me and you, if you are a regular reader of this blog, will get less of me. Hope thats OK with you. I will still journal what is going on and stay on top of things as I observe them, but in a balanced manner.

And that Top500 blog award? Well . .  I probably wont be on the list next year, but at least my kids will remember me without a keyboard.

Any other blogaholics out there? What have you found helpful?