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On Defining Emerging Church (updated)

A lot of people are trying to define the Emerging Church at the moment.
- Freddy does a good job giving Some Words to Clarify The Emerging Church.
- Papa G begins a series of thoughts called What is the Emerging Church?
- Justin Taylor (a Reformed blogger who actually DOES get out and meet people) has just written a short 10 part series on The Emerging Church which is a good place to start. [See links to all 10 at]
-Justin is now hosting a new series called "Dialoging With the Emergent Church Movement" Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Part 4. Your dialog with Justin would not go wasted.
[UPDATE] Phil at BaldBlogging is doing a series. Jump in at No. 8 and work backwards.

I gave it a shot nearly 2 years ago at the request of a magazine, resulting in What is Emerging Church? A year earlier, I had done the same for a UK mag. I didn't have a lot of success but I responded with Emerging Church Definition 1, 2, 3, 4 and additional thoughts. I have also blogged some thoughts on the emerging church, including: Emerging Church Vocabulary, History and Criticism (2000-2004)

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- Someone wants my opinion on Jeffery Jue's paper "What's Emerging in the Church?" but it seems too far removed from my world and my conversations to devote any time to it. Jeff was recently quoted on emerging church by the Philadelphia Inquirer, which was picked up by EmergentVillage.

As for me, I am not aware of Jeff's connection to the emerging church, nor of how many emerging churches or training events he has experienced. I am guessing either none or very few. His charge of the emergent church abandoning absolute truth is, as I have said before, absolutely NOT the truth and I wish people would stop parroting everything they read in one or two poorly-informed books. DJ Chaung knows him personally and might be a better person to ask.
This might sound a bit mean but i do not believe that any of our Reformed-Presbyterian-Fundy critics will fully understand the emerging church without a visit a to the bookshop or library, in particular, the section labelled "Missiology". My experience is that most of them have not tackled the missiological challenges of a biblically informed contextualization in their own culture, let alone the emerging culture. If they were to do some homework in this area, we could probably have some fruitful conversations and they might stop saying we are lacking in intellectual rigor and depth. Even better, of course, to actually get out of the library and attend one of our training or gathering events. Or have a coffee with an actual person. And I guess DJChaung will be that person for Jeff.