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My Cuzz's Bible

I have a great new bible that my Cuzz and his friends put together. This will be the version I quote from and use in my studies. Its called The Net Bible and there is an online version also at bible.org

[Bible.org? How are we supposed to remember that?]

I have been searching for a decent translation for years since i ditched my tattered NIV Thomson back in USA. I never connected with Eugene's bible (not literal enough) and didnt want to go back to NASB. But now that my Cuzz has put out his version, I am a happy man and have a bible that i can be proud of. And quote freely without fear of publishers hassling me. Here is the skinny from their site:

"The NET BIBLE is the first modern Bible to:
  • The first to be completely free for you to download completely (download the whole Bible and 60,932 notes)
  • The first to offer you a "Minstry First" copyright approach
  • To first to offer you insights into the Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic texts to enrich your study of God’s Word like never before              . . . .        
  • The NET BIBLE ® is breaking traditional barriers to do "ministry first"
  • Actually, he is not exactly my Cuzz. Dan Wallace married my wife's cousin,Patti. That makes him a close relative but not exactly a cousin. Still, its close enough. Dan and Patti came through Prague a few years ago when Dan was chasing down rare Greek manuscripts in Europe like Indiana Jones [read the blog post] Dan is a really smart fellow - really smart - and teaches Greek at Dallas Theological Seminary. And puts out a kick-ass bible!

    Hey Cuzz - thanks for the Bible!!!!You can quote me on your web site:

    "A Kick-Ass Bible"(italics ours) Andrew Jones, blogger, extreme Bible reader, distant cousin of Co-editor, former NIV reader.