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My Top Referrers [thanks]

Almost a thousand of you lovely adorable bloggers have permanent links to me on your front page, which means that many of my hits come from your sites. I have enjoyed over half a million hits in the last season, and much of that is because of you. Your permanent links give me a high google rating and I come up more often on the search engines. (Who said there was no hierarchy on the internet?)


In the past, I haven't had permanent links to you - sorry - very rude of me - but i hope to fix that. I don't want my blog to be self-centered and i do want to honor you. So I just started a list in the right column called "Top Referrers". There is about 100 links right now but that number will keep growing as i track which sites are sending me the most hits. So if your blog comes up on my list, consider it a THANK YOU from me. I may do spotlights on individual referrers . . . so keep looking . . you might find yourself on my front page.