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Prov 28:17

UK Needs to Get Sorted. This Week. Dangit!

The prophets tell us that this week is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL for the spiritual future of the United Kingdom and the emerging church. They are calling for prayer and action that will show God that Brits are serious about following in His way. And if not, He might take that as a "NO!"

Now, being a natural skeptic, like you, I would usually suspect that behind these prophetic words are some over-enthusastic Americans changing the world by remote control at a caffeine-charged prayer meeting. But the fact is, I have been hearing the same thing for a while and so I give it a lot more cred. So, if you also have a sneaking suspicion that something is in the works in the skies above UK, the take a minute and read this.

Got an email this morning from Johnathon Stuart-Brown:
"Andrew, . . . There have been many prophecies which suggest within days or at most weeks, The UK will go one way or the other depending on prayer, praise, repentence from The Body of Christ. Chuck Pierce predicted the London bombings 40 days in advance when he saw a sword over London and called for 40 days prayer and fasting. He also prophecied in May 2004 that Britain would have to decide by the end of November 2005 which way to go: Double Blessing or Double evil. Others see it as God about to put His thumb Up or down on The UK."

There are many others on website...
This is just one..
The UK hangs in the balance - what the body does next will determine the Nation's destiny - Greg Austin - Nov 2005"

So, this being such an urgent matter, I took a butchers at the website - dang! what an ugly website!!! Plllzzz don't tell the artsies at But, hey, the content is good and very timely so put on your darkest sunglasses and take a look yourself. Here are some highlights, starting with Greg Austin because he is a leader in the emerging church as well as a prophetic/prayer movement.

"We are praying much for Britain. I have become aware of a pensive silence in the heavenlies - as though there is an anticipation among both the angelic host and wicked principalities and powers - a still, questioning, "which way will Britain move, which way will she turn?" These beings have no power or authority to move Britain one way or the other - they are waiting on the Body of Christ in Britain to make the decision of direction. It is we, the Body, who hold the power and the authority to determine Britain's immediate future.
God has placed before us life and death - and we must choose one or the other now - we will choose by either action or inaction, by pressing forward or by simply doing nothing. God is listening. Heaven is waiting. Principalities and powers are waiting. There is release of glory or release of hell on the horizon, and what comes next depends on what the church does next."
Greg Austin, 21 November 2005, link

BTW, Greg has great insight on the emerging church, which he explains with deep passion and urgency.
"The emerging church cannot be as churches have been, or we will no longer have a reason to exist. Let God lead into the deep, into uncharted waters, into latitudes no one has explored." Emerging Church 1. You should also read his apologetic for Emerging Church and response to our critics.

There are other prophetic voices who are hearing things about UK and refuse to keep silent. Like Warrior Princess (Lanna Perry) who just posted this one:
Wplanna2-1"Through this great shaking, and the purification coming to the UK, the Lord is going to release many from within the UK next year. Many will be released and the Lord calling them to walk through the gates of their destinies, They will have been trained by the Spirit alone to hear His voice, and embraced His heart within them.
They will move forth and prepare the highway for those who have fallen behind. They will show them they way of return.
Control being removed.
The UK will stand strong from this season onwards more than ever before as a flag to all nations. A mighty move and change will come to the UK by the Spirit of God that will show other nations like never before that they are a holy people, a people ransomed by the Lord.
They will arise and shine, and
the Glory of the Lord is about to rest on the UK in a way, the world has never seen, if they embrace this move of God that is on their doorstep."
Lanna Perry(Warrior Princess), full message on

So . . . rather than having you say why they might be full of carp . . . What about asking the question . . . "What if they are hearing right? What therefore should we do?

As for me and my family, and I hope, my adopted nation, we will follow the LORD and hope that the nation does the same. This week needs to be a week of prayer for UK and Ireland. I am totally committed to seeing God have his way with UK and am asking God if there are any specific goals or projects that He wants me to be involved in on a higher level. I might blog a little about the scene in UK during the week if i get time so that you can pray with more intel.