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Best Books on Emerging-Missional Church


Kevin Cawley has a Readers Guide for Missional Church. Good list and great books. Anyone who writes a blog series on the emerging church who does not read a few of these good books on the missional church should be slapped silly with their keyboard. Shaping of Things to Come by Hirsch and Frost (blogged it here) is a good start . . wait . . that one is not on Kevin's Readers Guide . . but it should be.

I was asked by someone recently for a list of essential books written recently on the emerging church. I still think the best stuff is online in blog form, articles and PDF's but for the book reading population, here are is my choice:

From Australia - Shaping of Things to Come, Alan Hirsch and Mike Frost
From New Zealand - Out of Bounds Church, Steve Taylor
From UK - The Complex Christ, by Kester Brewin
From USA - Emerging Churches, by Ryan Bolger and Eddie Gibbs
From Germany - Houses That Change the World, by Wolfgang Simson
From Canada ? . . . You tell me.