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Britain at the End of November

November slipped by last night and I was wondering who was praying this week, or what earth-shattering events might be taking place. People around the world were encouraged to pray. The post from Christian City News and Blogs Network (and image) got picked up all over the blogosphere.

Images-1For me, a highly significant national act towards God and towards the future, was yesterday's installment of Rt Rev. Dr John Sentamu as Archbishop of York. He is Britain's first black Archbishop and is encouraging the church of England "to revive its spirit of "wonder" and "adoration" and to rediscover the transforming power of the Gospel."The scandal of the church is that the Christ-event is no longer life-changing, it has become life-enhancing. We’ve lost the power and joy that makes real disciples, and we’ve become consumers of religion and not disciples of Jesus Christ." (Times On-line)

I heard that hundreds (thousands??) of balloons were released out of the cathedral and into the sky. Anyone have more news/images of that? I would really like the image of the balloons going up to God. It seems symbolic to me - a national offering, a sign . . .