ECM Has Embraced Postmodernity . . .
Advent 2

Family Update

This is Hannah and Tamara in our town of Stromness. Oh - there's Deb.
- We are all well.
- Weather has turned cold but
- Our little apartment over the restaurant is cozy.

- Our other cat "Squeak" ran away during our USA trip.
- Our 1991 Volvo was stolen and crashed. Bummer.
- We did NOT get the house last week.
- Kids are happy to be connected to internet again.
- Kids love Wednesday nights at Stromness Baptist Church
- Christmas season has begun and we will get our tree this week.
- Tamara (3) insists on answering and screening all phone calls.
- Hannah wants to be a school teacher.
- Abigail is stable with her diabetes.
- Samuel wants to make egg nog.
- Elizabeth is playing badminton
- Debbie is learning straw weaving.
- I am preparing for Zurich next week, thinking about the possible goal of a million new churches in Europe.
- We are enjoying music and movies thru our new Klispsch Promedia GMX 2.1 speakers.