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Hammett on Emerging Church 4.1

Fundy-Spike and Balloon Image.

I'm getting way more hits on the blog today (but not unique visits) which means there are a lot of fundy-bloggers and conservatives taking a look at the Emerging Church Hammering posts and data-mining my blog for fodder.
Welcome to you all!
Peace, in the name of John Calvin!
I may not be interacting much over the weekend in order to keep a promise to my family (its a blogaholic thing) so if i take a long time to get back to you then know that i am not ignoring you.

Acns4084B-Hi-ResThe image on my header is from the installment service of the Rt. Rev. John Sentamu , Archbishop of York 2 days ago. Its a sign of spiritual hope for UK so i am leaving it up for a while. The full picture is big enough for a desktop image if you want to plaster it on your computer for the weekend. And no . .. the original doesn't have a kiwi colored balloon like my blog header.