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Re-imagining Cyberchurch

An article i wrote for Relevant mag just came out.It was originally called "Reimagining Cyberchurch" as a nod to Doug Pagitt. But the editors have called it "Linking to Cyberchurch" and thats fine with me. Relevant Magazine holds very high standards in both content and graphics so I am just happy to have them publish something of mine.


"Will it be a simple upgrade of the same cheesy graphics, spinning GIFs, heavy flash intros and online tithing options that we experienced in the nineties? Or will the church online take on a new identity and shape, sharing life in fresh genres that are native to the Internet?" More

Key Ideas:
- Cyberchurch is people, not institutions.
- Cyberchurch is not a department store for consumers.
- Cyberchurch is neither democratic nor non-hierarchical.
- Cyberchurch does not replace the physical and it does a poor job reproducing it.

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