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A Little Help on my Church 2.0 Article?

Help save my Christmas! I am really struggling with this article. And i need to write it before Christmas for Next-Wave because I SAID I WOULD.

I want to locate the parallels between Web 2.0 and the emerging church (Church 2.0) because there is a lot that both conversations can learn from each other. I want to explore what we are getting from and adding to the conversation. The similarities are startling. I wrote a little on Church 2.0 and went a little further with The Ajax Love of God. But I haven't nailed it yet. The geeks trying to explain Web 2.0 are also struggling to define it (sounds like the same emerging church definition struggle of 2004) and the criticisms that "Web 2.0 is what the web was supposed to be about in the first place" also ring a bell.

Picture 1

Image (click to enlarge) is from Dion Hinchcliffe's Web 2.0 blog which is a good place to start.

Here are some parallels:
- participation, interactivity, pre-emptiveness, emergent behavior, importance of macro and large scale, lightweight teams operating with small budgets, distrust of wikipedia and other self-correcting systems, power of the many, power of the long tail, importance of modularity . . . what else?

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Blogging from Restricted Countires

You want to blog but your country clamps down on free expression on the web. What do you do?

Rsf-Blogger-Handbook2 Liberty Waits

If you want to start blogging without risking your neck, I highly recommend a new resource in downloadable PDF called "Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents".
You will find 2 chapters that will be of immense value to you:
- How To Blog Anonymously (best chapter)
- Technical Ways to Get Around Censorship

Some of this info is from How To Blog Safely from The Electronic Frontier Foundation. They say you should:
1. Use a Pseudonym and Don't Give Away Any Identifying Details
2. Use Anonymizing Technologies
3. Use Ping Servers
4. Limit Your Audience
5. Don't Be Googleable
6. Register Your Domain Name Anonymously
Ethan from Global Voices takes this further in "A Technical Guide to Anonymous Blogging"

If you don't have time to read all that . . . then here are 3 services you will find essential:
1. - a free email service for highly encrypted email
2. - an anonymous blog service from the Australians at
3. Visit web sites by starting at and leave your trail behind.

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All I Want For Christmas is AJAX

All I want for Christmas is Ajax
I don't want a tall skinny tree
or lots of presents under it.
All I ask for are some Web 2.0 goodies
that are zipped and not wrapped.
I want PHP and not PAJAMAS.
Give me widgets and not gadgets.
Give me a torrent of flashy gifts that flickr brightly under MySQL clouds.
I want Wiki and not wassel.
I want Christmas feeds and not Christmas food.
I want shareware and freeware and not underwear.
I want my OPML Christmas list to be meta-tagged and checked twice by automated folksonomy-based aggregators exhibiting an emergent Christmas cheer that can be mapped visually and dynamically on my poor and miserable blog that limps along like Tiny Tim on the pathetic crutches of Web 1.0 architecture.
All I want for Christmas is Ajax.
And may God bless us . . everyone.

Related: Check your site on the Web 2.0 validator to see what your blog might need for a happy Christmas (don't take it too seriously)
HT: Damon Snyder who has just posted a very cool Emerging Church vs. Web 2.0 cloud based on blogs that link to tallskinnykiwi.
Further: Dion Hinchcliffe has compiled The best Web 2.0 software of 2005 and More Great Web 2.0 software

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Emerging Church TagCloud

Emerging Church TagCloud created by Damon Snyder who mashed the Tallskinnykiwi blog feed with 20 emerging church blog feeds.

I gave it a shot myself but havent seen much sucess. Below is my first attempt - a simple Tallskinnykiwi Cloud based on recent posts. I am not sure how to get it to aggregate my entire blog. Needs some more work, I guess. And BTW - I only used the word "orgy" once and that was in relation to a consumer "spending orgy" after Thanksgiving.
[gosh . . . how embarrassing!!!!!emoticon]

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Your Best Stewardess Now!

Lots of discussion about Victoria Osteen (wife of Joel Osteen of USA's largest church) getting kicked off yesterday's plane to Vail, Colorado. - an incident called "minor" although although it involved Continental Airlines, FBI agents, and the Associated Press.

OsteenYahoo News gives no reasons but Houston Clear Thinkers and Houston Chronicle say it was the spill on her tray that was not cleaned to her satisfaction and she asked for another stewardess who might be able to clean it up. . . better! I guess her tone was a little too sharp . . but hey . . . everyone is human. Joel's book "Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential" is a best seller. I feel another coming up: "Your Best Stewardess Now: 7 Steps to Flying at your First-Class Potential "

Viola on Five Fold Ministry

"What is needed, then, is the restoration of the experience of the Body of Christ."

Frank Viola just sent me his latest article which tackles the idea of "Five Fold Ministry" - something that has cropped up a number of times in the comments section. 

Frank is great. He has some kickbutt books - "Who is Your Covering" deals with apostolic abuse and Rethinking the Wineskin is a must read for house church folk and others getting into organic-simple church.

As I mentioned in April, Frank wrote a criticism on the emerging church earlier this year called Will the Emerging Church Fully Emerge? But so many of us agreed with it - and have been saying the same thing as Frank - that it didn't get as much coverage as other criticisms that caught the public eye. Nor did it have had a catchy title like . . . say . . . "Emergent Church is Satan's Deception"

Franks main criticism is that the emerging church, as he sees it, has not gone far enough to bring the church back to what it needs to be. Fair enough.

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Blog Flashback

Heres how my blog looked in 2001. Amazing how things have changed so quickly and its good to be reminded of how lucky we are today with all our bells and whistles. This old blog is now parked permanently at

Note that there are NO comments because they hadn't been invented yet - I had to write email comments back onto the blog by hand. And check out my RSS news feed - a free gift from Moreover News and a very rare item on a 2001 blog - in fact - i would be interested to know if anyone out there had an RSS news feed on their blog in 2001. My QT movies of emerging churches and worship events that was started in 2000 was deleted by Apple when they decided to charge for .Mac accounts. But you can see the original page (with missing links) here.
Ahhh . . . memories . . ..

(click to enlarge)

The WayBack Machine picks up my blog by 2002 and it looks a little better by then. But not much better. Can you believe I spelled 'Lomographer' wrong on my header?


On June 4, 2006 I will be throwing a blog- party celebrating 5 years of tallskinnykiwi. Consider yourself invited.

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Tip Jar Feature

I am installing a Tip Jar for those that want to say thanks with a quick click.

Promo Tp17 Home

I also put up Firefox's referral badge on my right column. If you download and start using Firefox's Google Toolbar, then I get $1. This is something worth roadtesting for other bloggers - especially my blogging friends overseas who might be able to partly support themselves in ministry by a few tricks like these.

Megachurches, Christmas and Video


A few decades ago, Willow Creek Community Church was in trouble with the critics for shifting the believers worship time from Sunday to Wednesday. Now they are generating an even greater amount of conversation with their decision to close for Christmas day.
is not impressed.
- Neither are Ben Witherington or Tim Challies.
- Ingrid at Slice of Laodicea also thinks its a bad idea but sees value in closing Willow down - "Who's in the mood for comedians and clown shows on Christmas?"
- Time Magazine noted the decision among a number of megachurches, including Willow and Fellowship Church.

As for me and my house, I think Willow should have the right to determine the appropriate programing for their goals. Church is more than an hour on a Sunday and if people want to stay home and enjoy Christmas with their families and relatives and close friends RATHER than a gizzillion church attenders then leave them alone to get on with it.

While we are talking about megachurch . ..

- The first church in the world, as far as we know, to stream live HD video from scratch is Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas. I have driven by this megachurch a hundred times but never gone in. Leave it Behind tells you how they manage the video streams.
- Lakewood Church in Houston has $4 million worth of video technology. (Edward Cone, Link)
- Willow Creek spend about $1million a year on technology which includes a 15 person IT team and 600 PC's. Link

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