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Petra Retires

Petra NotofthisworldOhhhhh gosh. Petra. Retiring. This month. DANG! After 33 years! I have to admit that I haven't liked their music since the 80's. But back then . . . . they totally rocked!!! I discovered them in 1985 on a mission ship called M.V. Logos. I played the albums all the time. LOUD! There were complaints but I loved them. Bob Hartman wrote some incredible songs and Greg X. Volz sung them and the whole thing totally worked! Moment of silence . . please . . while I read out these sacred words:

Never Say Die (1981) This one healed me of my fundamentalism.
More Power To Ya (1982) Sweet album.
Not of This World (1983) Incredible songs. Maybe their best.
Beat The System (1984) More electronic songs for geeks. I loved it.

Killer albums, all four of them . . . and i WILL NOT HEAR OTHERWISE FROM ANYONE!!! Do I have an Amen? (HT: Pirialigeiro)