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Remembering Lottie

LottieThe Southern Baptist Churches are remembering Lottie this morning and giving out towards the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. Lottie was an incredible woman and she was short . . . really short . . I saw a lifesize figure of Lottie in Virginia this year - she comes up to my WAIST! But, hey, I dont want to discriminate against short people and besides that, she poured herself out for the Chinese nation and knew what it was to starve and suffer. Some say she basically starved to death . . . a danger that Southern Baptist missionaries today do not often face in these times that are witnessing the global expansion of Krispy Kreme donuts.

But I do challenge you Southern Baptist Churches (especially SBC emerging churches) to put out some serious cash for your missionaries. They are the best people you have. They are export quality which is why they are out there on the edge, representing your butts while you work yours off to support them. You can do it online here.

The International Mission Board (IMB) of the SBC has had its share of controversy this past week over the issue of speaking in tongues and baptism. . . . " a person must be baptized by a qualified "administrator" of baptism, which simply means, according to the new policy, a pastor of a Southern Baptist Church, or one "ordained" by a Southern Baptist Church" (Wade Burlinson). Steve McCoy has the skinny here, along with Wade Burlinson's open letter to SBC. Marty Duren of SBC Outpost also has an open letter.

If you are a Southern Baptist non-techical person and dont know how to datamine the web but would like to follow the conversation about SBC, IMB, tongues and baptism on the various blogs - go here to technorati. If you are a bit more geeky, make a watchlist on technorati, grab the RSS feed and throw it into your newsreader. Dont have a news reader? Download a free one.

Hacker-3BTW, I was at the IMB HQ in Virginia early this year for a missions briefing (with a related group). I was hoping to hack into the ISPD - Integrated Strategic Planning Database but Billy Hoffman escorted me around the building, showing me the computers but not letting me jump on and take them for a spin. Too bad.

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