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'Podcast' - Word of The Year

"Podcast" has been awarded the word of the year by the New Oxford English Dictionary. I personally think the revolution in podcasting is overhyped. Its just audio - there is no way to search through it like you can do with text. I believe the revolution in video blogging over the past 6 months, especially in available storage and free bandwidth, will be seen to be far more significant in the long run than podcasting. But thats just me.

PodcastheaderJordon Cooper has a new podcast page that is podcasting some recent hits from Frosty the Aussie. He also has a book he is co-writing called Fearless Honesty: Throwing Stones in a Glass Church . . . but it sure looks like a blog to me. His big blog - has been nominated for Canadian Blog Award . Voting is this week so I just went there and clicked one thru for the Coop.

The Brits sure love podcasting - maybe more than blogging. I have been expecting a resurgence of English comedy to hit the iPods - the Brits have ruled that territory since The Goon Show and the great Spike Milligan. I heard some of Ricky Gervais's first podcast this morning. Episode 1 (mp3) Its a load of drivel and nothing like The Goons. But hey, its a good start.

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