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Viola on Five Fold Ministry

"What is needed, then, is the restoration of the experience of the Body of Christ."

Frank Viola just sent me his latest article which tackles the idea of "Five Fold Ministry" - something that has cropped up a number of times in the comments section. 

Frank is great. He has some kickbutt books - "Who is Your Covering" deals with apostolic abuse and Rethinking the Wineskin is a must read for house church folk and others getting into organic-simple church.

As I mentioned in April, Frank wrote a criticism on the emerging church earlier this year called Will the Emerging Church Fully Emerge? But so many of us agreed with it - and have been saying the same thing as Frank - that it didn't get as much coverage as other criticisms that caught the public eye. Nor did it have had a catchy title like . . . say . . . "Emergent Church is Satan's Deception"

Franks main criticism is that the emerging church, as he sees it, has not gone far enough to bring the church back to what it needs to be. Fair enough.

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