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Final Friday Fax

Friday Fax is over, after 11 years of informing millions of people about what God is doing around the world every week. More on the story here.

Andrewandwolfsimson100Wolfgang Simson (right) has been a fantastic friend over the past 5 years. About a year ago, in a Zurich pub, Wolfgang told me he was going to stop writing the Friday Fax. Marc Van der Woude was at the table also and offered Joel News to help in the transition. And now that time has come. Wolfgang has sent out the final Friday Fax.

What's next?

-FridayFax2 will be "an exciting regular Kingdom-Content news service for Christians that need to know where we are going." and Holland based Joel News will pick up some of FF's subscribers. Also, a new service called Mammon-Fax (that he did not tell me about) intends to "disrobe Mammon and rob him of his influence in your life, particularly in the area of work, and encourage you to scale previously unthinkable financial walls with God." I guess a lot of this is based on Wolfgang's new emphasis on financial management. Much of it based on his controversial new book "Preis des Geldes" (The Price of Money) which he co-published with Dr. Thomas Giudici, previously Chief Treasurer of Basel. Wolfgang's first book Houses That Change The World (PDF) is my favourite book on house church.

Also, a new blog for the DAWN Europe Team begins in a few days at

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