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Rushkoff's Testament

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" . . . the Bible isn’t so important because it happened at some moment in history. The Bible is a big deal because it’s happening now. In every moment.’ Every day, I am Cain, discouraged by the way someone else—some Abel—gets credit and attention for doing the same thing I did." Douglas Rushkoff, who will be releasing a monthly comic series called Testament, depicting Biblical themes in contemporary situations. I am sure his views will differ than mine but I am always interested when others are reading and thinking about the Scriptures. HT: Blogs4God who have a better write up than this.

Rushkoff has written some excellent books on cyberculture and new media. "Playing The Future", which i bought back in 1998 when it was called "Children of Chaos", was his best book by far, even better than Cyberia and Media Virus. Open Source Democracy is also worth a read if you are following the impact of new media on communication and social transfromation. His new book "Get Back in the Box" is now released.

If you want to jump into current media trends but graduate from Rushkoff's anti-fundamentalist crusade, there are media analysts who are producing good material without the angst or anti-Christian sentiment. Steven Johnson (Emergence, Everything Bad is Good for You) is the Rushkoff for the new millenium, and are my picks for the best media analysts out there right now are Lev Manovich (The Language of New Media .pdf) and Albert-Laszlo Barabasi (Linked).

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