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Thoughts on Missio Dei

I am prepping up for teaching on Missio Dei in Sheffield on Jan 20th. The event is called Resource and its a part of a year long program to teach church planting in the emerging culture. I get to kick off the weekend with this topic - the Missio Dei or mission of God. The concept is that mission is not a program of the church but rather an attribute of God. Mission comes first from the heart of God and we are caught up in it rather than initiating it. Mission is primarily the work of God and we participate with God in what He is doing.

Missio Dei sees our mission as stemming from the Triune God:
The Father sends the Son,
the Father and the Son send the Spirit
The Father and and Son and the Spirit send the church. into the world.

As the Father sent me, so I send you. (Jesus)
Our Christology influences our missiology which influences our ecclesiology.

The tension points have to do with the extent and necessity of our involvement (are we still really important to God or can He do a better job without us?) and with theologians and pastors who feel missiology should be subjugated and sidelined.

I have quite a few books on this - I studied missiology at Fuller School of World Mission - but there is still a lot of resources i would like to obtain. There is a book that I cannot get my hands on since it is out of print and quite rare. Its called Missions Under The Cross (1953) which is a compilation of the addresses delivered at the IMC (International Missionary Conference) in Willengen. I found a copy in USA for $33 but thats far too much. Please send me an email if you find the book for a good price . . . thanks.

UPDATE: Hey - a few of you found the book on ebay for $10. Thanks. I ordered it!

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