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Hanging with DAWN Ministries in Joburg

Olgavaro Bastos Jnr (from Brasil) and I are the two Emerging Church people giving presentations next week in Johannesburg. I have mentioned Olgavaro before. The Tribal Generation website is still all in Portuguese, but there will be an English translation soon. Both of us will be talking about church planting movements in the emerging culture.

We will be addressing the Global Associates of DAWN International. This meeting was supposed to be in Colombia but the Africans had trouble with their visas so the venue was changed to Joburg, South Africa.

DAWN Ministries International was started by 2 Latinos and an American. It is currently headed up by Ngwiza Mnkandla, of Zimbabwe. Ngwiza is a great guy. He told me once that the postmodern question is a very relevant one for African churches, in particular because the modern church introduced to them by Scottish missionaries could not deal with the demonic or the supernatural with its Enlightenment mentality. It will be interesting to hear stories of the new movements in Africa and to see what shape they are taking.

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