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Google's Emergent Church Leader

Preachin googled for an image of an emergent church leader and came up with this picture. He thought it fitted the sterotypical image of an emergent church leader pretty well.

Know the guy? I do - its none other than my Irish mate Si Johnston from Belfast, pictured in Pasadena with a group of us. He is Google's choice, for that day, of an emergent church leader.

Following Preachin's lead, I googled for "modern church leader" and got this:

I tried "Modern Pastor" and . . .
she was my number one.

This guy, known by Google as the "CAMP pastor director" was on the front page for "modern pastor".

Anyway, I searched for the "emergent church leader" image myself this morning and saw that Si had moved down the scale to 7th place (sorry mate!).

So who is currently Google's emergent church leader? This guy gets placed number 1 and 2 on Google's aggregation.
Is this the new face of emergent? What's with the towel on the head? Looks kinda Hindu to me.

Its actually another good friend of mine, the Dutchman Marc Van der Woude sitting in a Finnish spa. Marc was with me all last week in Joburg, South Africa. He is connected to DAWN Ministries, the author of Joel News and gives leadership to an exciting emerging church leaders network called Connect Europe. He is also very tall and complains a lot.

I wonder when the Americans are going to make it into the emergent church picture?????????

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