Emergent at Yale and Masters
40 Days of Emerging Church ala 1970

Tags and Cats

More discussion about tags and categories and a little TallskinnykiwiNo going on at Glorious Caustic Conversation. [hey, kids . . get off my back lawn before i come over there and HIT U WIT MY WALKIN STICK!] Maybe my way of blog organization is old fashioned. I dont know. Read my argument in the comments.

BTW - I am using ONE category on this blog post and about TWELVE technorati tags - all attached effortlessly and within seconds with ecto blog editor that lets me assign both typepad categories AND technorati tags AND keep them seperate. That means technorati handles the chaos and not me. That seems smart. Why do i want all those categories on my blog? What do you think?

I think young bloggers should listen to their elders, regardless of how old, crusty and stuck in their ways they may be . Start with my post on blogging.

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