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New Blogging Tool For Christians (updated)

UPDATE: 29/3/06 This post has been changed. The original post said that Xianz was a tool for Christians only - but someone commented below that non-Christians are also allowed membership. I checked into it futher and the terms and conditions say "The goal of is to provide an interesting, stimulating, and fun place for Christians and other Internet users". So as far as I know - non-Christians are allowed to join (provided they get an invitation). My apologies to Xianz. And my apologies to bloggers for editing it without strikethroughs, and then losing the original text.

Xianz is a Christian version of Myspace, a new blogging system and social networking system for Christians.


It doesn't appeal to me. One of the GLORIOUS things about blogging is that is gives people the opportunity to open up their lives for others to see . . . like Daniel who prayed with the windows open. Its a little more risky, as Daniel found out, but the impact is much greater. If you have a life worth sharing, then publish it for the world to hear and join the conversation with everyone . . and i mean co-Xianz, non-Xianz, pre-Xianz, post-Xianz, quasi-Xianz, anti-Xianz, and all who see Jesus in your life.

This is where I put on my big frizzy AFRO and dance around the room singing a black gospel song ". .. . this little light of mine . . i'm gonna let it shine . . hide it under a blog bushell? . . . NO. . i'm gonna let it shine . ."

I need to be fair. I don't like MySpace either. Neither do i like Orkut or other social networking systems that try to achieve artificially what is already happening in an organic, emergent way. However, I don't want to be a wet blanket. If you think I am wrong, and has some redeemable qualities, then please leave your comment below. I am willing to be educated here.