Abdul Rahman Case Dropped

The New Number 1 Emerging Church Blog

It finally happened but not as I predicted. I said that Jordon Cooper would take my place, since he was dragging just behind me - and in fact is only one link from overtaking me [please . . someone out there give a permanent link to JordonCooper.com and put me out of my misery].

But while Jordon has been threatening to take my crown away, a relative newcomer has scooted passed us both. After a long and glorious ride at the top of Technorati's list of emerging church blogs, I have been most triumphantly unseated by Scot McKnight's "Jesus Creed".


Imagine having an AMERICAN with the leading emerging church blog! What does this say? Is the emerging church ALSO in USA? Are they really catching up to the other countries? How will the nations deal with this? The head spins . . .

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Dr Scot McKnight, who is a professor at North Park University, is the author of the excellent book "The Jesus Creed" which also provides the name of his blog. You may know him from his superb article called "The Emerging Church: Future or Fad (PDF)". He is a great guy, a clear thinker and . . . a better blogger than I. And thats official.

What can we learn from this:
You can start a great blog that kicks butt . . .
1. especially when you move away from blogger.com
2. even if you have an academic theology based blog
3. even if you have less hair than tall skinny kiwi
4. even if you are an American
5. especially if you publish your best stuff online instead of hoarding it for books

Well done, Scot. I take my hat off!