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136422161 230F465F37I couldn't resist playing with the Friend of emergent badge. I always enjoy my times with the Emergent crowd but there are also things that sometimes bug me - as with any organization - so I suppose i am a friend and a fiend. But more of a friend.
If I had a badge for every emerging church network I support, I would need to build another column to hold them all. Emergent seems to get the lion's share of publicity for the global emerging church and so I tend NOT to blog about them as much as i would like to. There are many AMAZING emerging church networks and movements around the world that many people have not even heard of and I like to even up the playing field - since most influential Christian publishers and websites are based in USA.

Speaking of . . .
- Tribal Generation happens in Brazil, June 14-17. There will be emerging church networks from all over Latin America. I should be there also, having been involved with TG since 2000.
- Die Gefaehrten, a Global Roundtable for the Underground Emerging Church, will happen in August 4-6 in Germany. Invitations have already been issued and leaders will be participating from all over the globe. And yes, I will be there.
- and in Malaysia this October, 500 young leaders will be gathering at Lausanne sponsored event. I was invited as an 'old guy' - being over 35, but am not sure if i will be there or not.

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