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'Evangelical' - Time to Change the Word?

Jonny Baker mentions an interesting Christianity Magazine article where John Buckeridge suggests the "tide has gone out on the "e" word"

I find it really hard to part with ANYTHING. I am unashamedly retro. I tend to stick with things a long time. My shoes WEAR OUT in ways embarrasing to my wife but i hate to throw things away. I just said goodbye to my dressing gown (robe - US) after 17 years of fond memories.

Same for my vocabulary. I have been fighting for the "emerging" word for quite a while, despite people saying it no longer means what people think it means and I also advised a large denominational agency last year to keep the word "evangelist" because I believe it is coming back into currency. So any talk of abandoning the word "evangelical" will not be a totally objective exercise if i am part of it. But at the same time, sometimes words wear out and need to be replaced in order to keep the same meaning. Nostalgia can sometimes interfere.

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