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April 16, 2006

Global Roundtable Update

Trevor just sent out another email to update everyone on Die Gefaehrten, the Global Roundtable for Emerging Church (Underground ministries emphasis) in Germany this August. Things are really building up steam but there is no official blog or website so its very underground - which is kinda fitting considering the theme. Here is the email (unedited that was sent out a few days ago).

"Greetings Die. Gefaehrten Brothers

The responses to the invitations are still coming in

Paraguay - I thanks to you think about me with respect to this very important meeting. I will go if Lord Jesus let me do it. I will ask for permission at work. What I get with my country isn`t very strong in Europe. But I know that God will do the best for me. He will build up. Could you please send me again the achievement about the invitation because it couldn't` be open. Thank you Freddy Ruiz

India - YWAM-
Thanks for the invitation, I love to come! Don;t worry about travel finances. I will be in Germany anyway this summer and therefore I am quite close! If you have a minibus going from Frankfurt or so, that might be great, but like I said, I will manage to get there! I am excited about the opportunity and I am looking forward to come. I think networking is such a key thing.
I don't know what you know about me. I am working with Ywam the last 9 years and the last 5 years I spend in India, reaching the new age travelers. Beside Miriam, who works in South India with another organisation, I think we are the only longer working people in India under the foreigners. My main places are Varanasi in the winter and Manali/Dharamsala/Leh in the summer. Hope to hear from you again. Blessing Ute

Finland -
Thank you for the invitation. It sounds very interesting and I will do my best to make my way to Germany beginning of August. You probably send more information how to register later on. Have a blessed Easter time, Niina Orpana

Netherlands - The Pump - I am very interested in attending I just have to check my schedule. It sounds awesome. Jeremy Isom

- And thank you SO MUCH for the invitation to the Global Roundtable of Underground Emerging Ministries at Freakstock this year! I am honoured and will gladly come. There is one guy here in Denmark who I'd love to be at the roundtable too. His name is Morten. He was the one who started the first serious Christian metalband in Denmark + a lot of other things. He's amazing and I love him. Is that possible? I'm praying for the whole thing and thank God for you folks

Italy - Rock on the Rock - Ciao, I am planning on being there and will be bringing my family (wife and 3 children).? We'll drive up and camp out in the band campground.? Should I be contacting someone else to confirm this? Thanks for inviting us and I look forward to meeting you and the others at Freakstock.God bless - Denny Hurst

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Oregon - thanks for sending us this invitation. We are very interested in what you are doing and would like to find out more about it. What exactly is the goal of the roundtable? Are you looking to network ministries? We are going to be traveling with a ministry this summer, but we would like to make room for this round table and come to Freakstock. We are looking into flights and tickets at this time. We are curious how you heard about us and came to invite us. We are connected with several underground ministries but have not been very active ourselves because we were attending bible college. We graduated last year and this summer we are venturing out again and starting a new ministry. We are interested in connecting with other ministries and networking with other believers. Do you have a deadline for confirmation? Looking forward to hearing from you. Hippydan & Annika
England - Asylum - OK! I‚m hoping to be there! Any news on the shuttle bus? Thanks, Martin Brown.

Denmark - Fantastic!!! I'll be there, as a newly married man :) - I'll travel with Andreas Larsen, the guy I walk with and it is he who told you about me... see you all! Love Morten
Also here are a few other developments

1) Raising Funds for Die. Gefaehrten
Please pray for me as I meet with the Fluevogs at the end of this month, as they have indicated that they are interested in helping out. One of things that I will be sharing with them, is raising enough funds to have a "Die. Gefaehrten Mini-bus" to transport people from the Frankfurt Airport to Freakstock and back. (When I went to Freakstock 2 years ago, Mirko offered to have me picked up from the airport in one of the mini-buses that Freakstock had rented to pick up bands, however, on my way back they were too booked up, so I had to take a train back to the airport which was $100 Canadian. So if we can raise the funds to rent a mini-bus and cover the gas, we would be able to save each person flying in, the roundtrip amount to get out to the festival and back.)

2) Film of our time together?
Andrew and I have been talking about having some kind of lasting result from this Global Roundtable. We talked about putting together a book with contributions from each person coming, but then he came up with what I think is even a better idea:
There is a Christian guy in Texas who makes hard core hip hop videos. He might come over this summer if I can find some more money. He and his girlfriend (who was my PA) would bring video equipment over and could make a short movie. this might be easier than coming up with a book.
Then Andrew sent us another idea - Hey Trevor and Mirko With all the hippies coming, I was wondering if a showing of the movie "Lonnie" would be a good idea. The movie has done really well at film festivals - it tracks the life of hippie preacher Lonnie Frisbee who is a father of the Jesus people movement http://www.lonniefrisbee.com/ Its an "underground" movie and actually played this month at the New York Underground Film Festival http://www.nyuff.com/2006/ The guy who made the movie is a friend of mine - David di Sabatino. If I found the money for his plane ticket, he would probably come over to show it and answer questions afterwards. Let me know if you think its a good idea. Mirko - does this fit with the festival? Would it be something that others at the festival might be interested in? Andrew

This got me thinking, what if the film was actually documentary of the Global Underground, Emerging Church?
We have such an incredible opportunity here, with people coming in from all over the earth, that we could do a pretty awesome documentary film.

a) The film maker could take footage of the Freakstock Festival from:
- Some of the concerts.(one of the great things about Freakstock is the variety and International flavour of the bands that they invite)
- Some of the teaching times
- The Art tent
- Little Cambodia
- And all of the other cool tents
- and of course the, flashing lights Porta-Johns (They are truly a sight to behold)

b) During the off times from the Roundtable meetings, the film maker could also interview:
- Many of the leaders and hear what is happening from around the world
- Mirko Sander and the leadership team, about Jesus Freaks and what is happening in the churches around Germany
- Hajo Muller on what's happening with Jesus Freaks International
- Andrew Jones on how the Underground Sub-culture Ministries and the Emerging church are connected
- etc.

c) Unobtrusive footage of our Roundtable meetings, teaching times and worship.
- done in such a way so
that we are barely aware of the camera

Now that would be a cool documentary.

So what do you guys think, do you think a film is a good idea?
If so, what would be the most effective type of film?
Should it be some type of documentary, or something else?

Keeper of the Names

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