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Missionary Man in the Guardian

Guardianscoot-Tm 1-2"Hearing that he'd been discussed in the fan forum of Telford Football Club, Mark began posting in it himself, quoting from the Eurythmics song Missionary Man; then he recreated his pub meeting idea as the Chill Space at Joshua's Bar in the stadium. "You don't really find opportunities to talk about Jesus at a match," he admits, "but Jesus tells the parable about the kingdom of God being like a bit of yeast hidden in flour, and I feel like a little bit of yeast in the stand." Guardian

So yesterday i am at Luton Airport, awaiting my flight and there "in the Guardian newspaper is a picture of Missionary Man Mark Berry on his scooter. Mark was with us a few days ago in London at the Church Mission Society HQ. The article is very fair and worth a read. Well done, Mark!

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