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Debbie broke her foot.

Nick and Josh's Podcast

Heres a podcast thats different. These guys are dorky. They dont have much to say. They review books they have only just started reading and then rate them on a McLaren scale. And one gets the impression that they will never actually finish the books anyway. They try to call up Doug Pagitt just for the podcast and fail . . . but it makes the podcast anyway.

These guys are Beavis-and-Butthead meet Wayne-and-Garth at an Emergent Convention. In some ways they represent the most obvious and superficial face of emerging culture but there is something quite likable about this, their very first podcast. And I don't usually like podcasts. They are refreshingly candid, honest, raw . . . and somewhat dorky. I like them. But then maybe it is their culture watch on the podcast called "TallSkinny" that mysteriously appeals to me?

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