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Good Cop, Bad Cop. The Blessed Announcement

Me PhotoOK - This is the announcement I have been holding onto for a few months.
My new partner, who I met in a chat room, has come out in public.
Hold on . . .
that came out wrong . .
let me rephrase . ..

Richard White, from the Dream Network and the ACCN, is the co-worker who will be partnering with me in this new project sponsored by Church Mission Society - we will both do this part-time and we will be . . . [how does Richard say it?] . . . "we'll be looking to link up with churches and groups across the UK to create a network of cells that connect missionally in their own context as well as globally.

Yeah . . whatever he said.
Actually, I did meet Richard in a chat room. It was my own Boaz Lounge in 2004 before it was furnished. Remember????
Richard is a great guy with a great family [like mine] and I look forward to working with him. He is the good cop in this partnership. We will be working with all kinds of organisations who are interested in starting mission cells as well as those on the fringe who want to be part of something bigger and wider - in UK and linking up globally.

Appreciate your prayers in these early days for both of us.

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