Good Cop, Bad Cop. The Blessed Announcement
Charles Colson Takes Another Shot

Squirming into the Mission of God

". . . And so I am praying healing for John Wimber, surrounded by charasmaniacs and Korean Power Rangers and space cadets of all kinds, and TV cameras are pointed at me and all i could think about were my fundamentalist friends and churches where i preached who were going to write me off forever . . . and ever and ever!!!

. . . Maybe . . . the mission of God and His purposes are higher than our little neat set of doctrines. We might squiggle and squirm when God pushes us beyond our own boundaries, like Ezekiel did when God suggested using human dung rather than animal, but maybe this is a part of our spiritual growth - the crucifixion of self, the descrecration of our own idols."

This morning I was responding to some comments and recalling the times I had to break my own taboos.

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