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The Lord's Supper and the EC

"so let me get this straight. after examining the last supper of Jesus and the historical accounts of the early church, you have come up with a communion service that:
- excludes children, swaps a full meal for a sample, avoids any technology, forbids joy or laughter, happens in a hall with men on a stage, dispenses with conversation, has no wine whatsoever . . and you think that is more biblical? more godly?" TSK

I am having a congenial chat with the folks at Slice of Laodicea about communion. Jim, actually, who i have not encountered before. I think Jim and I are coming from different backgrounds - he from the seeker movement going reformed . . and me from the fundamentalist scene moving towards a wider perspective . . and both of us meeting in the middle. I really appreciate Jim and the others taking the time to offer their thoughts on the various communion services that happen in the emerging church. And yes, sometimes these services are very informal and CREATIVE . . bordering on strange . . but the dynamics of a large church hall and a more informal room with food and kids and couches and no pulpit are very different.

It is my opinion that many of us are attempting to restore the centrality of the Lord's Supper to the wider body of Christ. Viva la Table!

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