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3 Seminary Podcasts on Emerging Church Movement

I have just listened to a conversation (3 podcasts) on the emerging church by an American theological seminary. And I was impressed BIGTIME. It was a fair, reasonable, humble, well balanced dealing with the American emerging church - yes it leans on the academic and biases the emerging church AUTHORS rather than practitioners, but these are Seminary professors and books are their language, the icons of their world. But its good, dang good, and i wish all seminaries would take this learning posture towards the emerging church.

The seminary?
Fuller? no, but a good guess.
Masters? . . . let me get up from the floor . . . now where is my chair?
Northwestern? could have been but . . no.
You wont guess so I will tell you. Its none other than Dallas Theological Seminary
Podcast 1, Podcast 2, Podcast 3

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