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BBC Dinner

Guardianscoot-Tm 1-2Went with Mark Berry to a BBC reception last night. The dinner at the Custard Factory was a thank you to the many amateur filmakers who had contributed their 90 second short films to BBC West Midlands. Mark has produced a two films from his town of Telford and is working on a third.

This is a pilot project for BBC Television but it could easily go national. I was surprised at the number of Christians at the dinner and the amount of films with a Christian message. Mark told me that BBC is often [unfairly] criticized for biased views on religious programing and giving the power of filmmaking to people in the community is a way to decentralize and empower religious programing from the community.

Idea: There is a market for your amateur 90 second videos if you dont mind not making any money [yeahhh gift economy - a good name is better than riches . . .]
Related: I blogged about Mark Berry recently when he was featured in the Guardian newspaper

A Mohawk in the Family

Birdschurch-TmA special moment in my household and i am on the road - in Birmingham, actually, at the Custard Factory. This is where i taught last year on Yeast and the Kingdom.
So . . . what event of familial importance took place today?
Not an anniversay.
Not a birthday. . .
no . . . today my little boy got his first mohawk . . oohhhhh ahhhhh . . . i'm soooo proud of him.

ahhhh look at him. isnt he cute? 15 years old and all conformed into scottish youth culture. Sam the mohawked man will be going with his friends to the Muse concert in Edinburgh. and he did not want to go camping today because the youth alpha course finishes on sunday. good on ya sam!

related; Max [marko's son] got a mohawk also.

Traveling Again

On the road again.
I wasnt blogging the past few days so that i could spend more time with family. In the past few days we have had sports day at school, bought an old pool table for our youth room, watched an episode of LOST, went trout fishing (me and my friend Peter). Only a few days, but the weather was great, and this morning i am off again.

Birmingham tonight
Lichfield this week
London on the weekend.
and then some CMS related orientation at Redcliffe College.

I know . . . way too much traveling. i know, i know. but when it is done i am home for a good while.

my experience with the charismatic catholics

i just had a really amazing experience. A few days ago i preached at a charismatic catholic church in bari, italy. it was only for 10 minutes and i was not the only person behind the pulpit . . . but this experience was huge for me and i want to process it a little here in the blog. do you mind hearing me out? it would help me to have someone listen.

don't i look sharp in a white shirt???? even without my hat, which, by the way, got left behind in Dublin last week.
This is the official photo of our team with Father Matteo and Father Anthony. you will see that i am just slightly taller than Marc van der Woude . . . a well established fact that he will no doubt dispute.

Matteo proves his charasmatic credentials with a vigorous hand waving.

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Geeking out in Glasgow

I have a day in Glasgow and a few appointments with people. After a long and frustrating disconnected week in WiFi deprived Italy, I finally get to catch up on email and life in general. I am hanging out at Babylon [Starbucks] on Sauchiehall street if anyone wants to come over and buy me a chai.

A walk along the coast


I post this picture to get my mothers attention - HI MUM!!!!!! We are well and enjoying our exhilerating family walks on Orkney Island. And no Mum, we will NOT stand too close to the edge . . . next time . . .

The Island of Hoy was great last weekend. Scottish YWAM Director Andy Hall was the speaker and there were nearly 60 people. The highlight for me was a walk along the coast to the Old Man of Hoy (picture a few posts back) which is the tallest sea stack in Europe. These cliffs were cool. Thats my daughter Elizabeth standing behind me on the cliff.