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BBC Dinner

Guardianscoot-Tm 1-2Went with Mark Berry to a BBC reception last night. The dinner at the Custard Factory was a thank you to the many amateur filmakers who had contributed their 90 second short films to BBC West Midlands. Mark has produced a two films from his town of Telford and is working on a third.

This is a pilot project for BBC Television but it could easily go national. I was surprised at the number of Christians at the dinner and the amount of films with a Christian message. Mark told me that BBC is often [unfairly] criticized for biased views on religious programing and giving the power of filmmaking to people in the community is a way to decentralize and empower religious programing from the community.

Idea: There is a market for your amateur 90 second videos if you dont mind not making any money [yeahhh gift economy - a good name is better than riches . . .]
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