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A Mohawk in the Family

Birdschurch-TmA special moment in my household and i am on the road - in Birmingham, actually, at the Custard Factory. This is where i taught last year on Yeast and the Kingdom.
So . . . what event of familial importance took place today?
Not an anniversay.
Not a birthday. . .
no . . . today my little boy got his first mohawk . . oohhhhh ahhhhh . . . i'm soooo proud of him.

ahhhh look at him. isnt he cute? 15 years old and all conformed into scottish youth culture. Sam the mohawked man will be going with his friends to the Muse concert in Edinburgh. and he did not want to go camping today because the youth alpha course finishes on sunday. good on ya sam!

related; Max [marko's son] got a mohawk also.