Game 2: Who's Your Daddy?
TSK through the years

Game 1: Build a Blogging Tetrad

We will explore how blogging has changed the way we treat media by building a tetrad based on McLuhans 4 laws of media.

The answers we will use to build our tetrad are based on my adaption of these 4 questions from Marshall McLuhan:
ENHANCE: . What does blogging enhance or amplify?
REVERSE: What does blogging become when taken to its extreme limit or over the edge?
RETRIEVE: What does blogging retrieve that was previously obsolete?
OBSOLETE: What does blogging displace or render obsolete?

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Others have done this and seeing their examples will help you. And you might want to think about some good short answers [single words] to contribute.

BTW - Stuart Moulthrop used these 4 laws to examine hypertext in 1991. Moulthrop suggests the idea hypertext leading to a post-post-literacy which I have also mentioned in regards to Generation Text. His article "You Say You Want a Revolution: Hypertext and the Laws of Media (PDF)" was an excellent piece that was written when hypertext was primitive, text based, not as easily linkable or findable in search engines or aggregators and had not seen the light of WWW. It will be fun to do this with blogging.

Does anyone know a quick and dirty way to turn the info into a clickable Tetrad? Dreamweaver Geeks? Volunteer?