Game 3 : TSK Mash-Up
Game 1: Build a Blogging Tetrad

Game 2: Who's Your Daddy?

In Game 2 we will try to build a Blog-Family Tree for those blogs with heritage leading back to TallSkinnykiwi (June 01). Sounds terrible egotistical for me to do this but I am proud of my blog- children, many of whom were up and blogging by the end of 2001:
Jonny Baker
Jordon Cooper already had a website but decided to blog after seeing TSK, as did
Rudy Carrasco,
Alan Creech,
Karen Ward who had me make a banner or two for her original "Deep-Dirt" blog
and other bloggers who are now crusty old blog veterans and have their own blog-children such as
Maggi Dawn (sired by Jonny Baker)

and Maggi and many others (including my flesh-and-blood kids) have inspired another generation of bloggers
who have been fruitful
and have multiplied into thousands of horrible little juvenille MySpace blogs
and who post glibly from their computers and phones without the slightest respect for the dear old html-coded language that we all used to speak
and who are happily ignorant of the good old days when luxuries like comments and tags and archiving and ecto and ompl lists were not yet invented.
[ahhhhh . . the good old days]
and who have no idea as to the identity of their great-great-blog-grandfather
a poor old blogger
tall, skinny and wrinkled
posting senile blog-thoughts from his rocking chair
and thinking fond thoughts about his many blog-descendants.

Touchgraph2Tskfeb2006-1 I know that Google graphs the topography of my blog but it will be a nice gift to build a blog-family tree based on lineage rather than linkage. So if you were either inspired to start a blog after seeing mine, or after being bullied by me to start a blog - or if your blog-father or blog-mother was one of my blog-children, then please leave a comment or send an email [if you're shy] with the name of your blog, month and year you started, and your blog parent.
And if you dont know if you are related or not, send in the info anyway and we will see what happens when we create the tree.

How do we actually build the tree? Don't know. Haven't thought about that. Anyone have a good idea?

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