St Magnus Church, Birsay
Game 2: Who's Your Daddy?

Game 3 : TSK Mash-Up

This was where I was hoping to give you the 5 year file with all my posts and comments on it. Unfortunately, my technologies let me down and i dont have the file to give you. Yet. But everything is online and you can help yourself to whatever is there on my blogs.

Now . . . the game. This one will take longer.

Make a mash-up of my blog and turn it into a book proposal. Mash it with yours or someone elses (with their permission). If it is worthy, you and I can publish it together. We can talk later about the royalties from the 17 people that buy it [would 50-50 sound fair?] but for now, figure out how you would do and and let me know.

Ready . . . go!