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Not Done With the FlannelGraph. Yet.

This one is part of the Wibsite Flannelgraph Season: The Joy of Fuzzy Felt. The crazy bloggers at Wibsite are giving new life to flannelgraphs and i only have one complaint . . . that i did not think of this first!!! Actually, i have been on the lookout for REAL ACTUAL flannelgraphs that i can use with my projector - which has an inbuilt document camera. But the electronic versions are OK too.

Wibsite bloggers have been meeting every summer at Greenbelt Festival since 2002. See the photos. I always pop in to their campsite for a cup of tea and say hello - nice people. Bloggers get their own events at Greenbelt and i am assuming other festivals are allowing more space in their program for blog-related events.

Related: Conservative bloggers with a political bent now have their own event called GodConBlog which is meeting for the second time in August. It should be worth a visit to meet big time bloggers Hugh Hewitt and La Shawn Barber. Powerpoints but no flannelgraphs.