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Rome and Naples

Leaving on another jet plane today. Rome tonight, Vatican City tomorrow morning and Naples for most of the week with my homies at DAWN Europe. We will be meeting up with some Italian ministry leaders during the week. Then a day in Glasgow and home.

Off to Hoy


Off to Hoy, a small island in the Orkneys. Our whole family will be be there this weekend for a retreat with Stromness Baptist Church and friends. Comments will be held back till Sunday. Have a GREAT WEEKEND everyone!!!!

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DreamDay Edinburgh

wee pict says: aye! revival is already here, saints o scotland -ye just need tae open wide yer eyes n unblock yer bunged up ears!

Dreamday3-2I have to miss the Dreamday again - the Scottish probably think i am snobbing them all but there always seems to be something else in my schedule - like this weekend when my whole family are joining me on the island of Hoy, Orkney for a retreat with Stromness Baptist.
But there will a podcast on WeeBeautifulPict - and you might want to download a few tracks from DJ Haggis while you are there.

how do you build a cathedral?


This morning I was thinking of the current movements of budding, emerging, half-formed churches that are not yet as mature as they need to be - fluid, cookie-dough kinds of cyber-churches and house churches and coffee shop churches and hybrids of hybridic churches that are still struggling to explain the journey they believe God is leading them on. And something my friend from Berlin once said came to mind. I adapted his words a little, and threw in my own for this image. But the idea is from Hans-Peter Pache, who I quoted in Linking to Cyberchurch. Click the image to enlarge it. The cathedral is Orkney's own St Magnus Cathedral.

Emerging Church Video from Japan, Prague and Colombia


GagalI have been bugging Olgavaro Bastos Jnr from Tribal Generation about putting his videos online and he has finally done it. In the past 6 years, we have pulled off a number of roundtables and gathering events together, and the Brazilians have kept better video footage than anyone. There are now videos on their website from many of these events. You will see my handsome face and pony tail in the gatherings where I was present. In particular . . .

-Czech Republic 2002 - This is the Epicentrum-Tribal Generation event in Prague, the only emerging church event in the world where a wedding took place during the worship (Derek and Amy Chapman) . . . in our back yard . . actually. If you were there, you are probably on the video. Thats Erika from Houston singing in the beginning.

-Japan 2002 A really dynamic time with the Japanese in Tokyo.

-Colombia, 2001. We started a church that night with the people in the shopping mall who came forward after the hard core band from Chile rocked their socks off. The mosh pit happened right after the altar call - seemed the logical thing to do with the people that had just prayed to receive Jesus and wanted to celebrate. I was barefoot in the mosh pit. Good times of teaching and prayer also.

- USA, Epicenter-Tribal Generation 2001. Video not online yet.

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The Web 2.0 List You Were Looking For

This Web 2.0 companies list might be a a tongue-in-cheek look at the hype of Web 2.0 but still, its worth a read. There are web solutions on his list that took me weeks and even months to track down - this list would have saved me a lot of time.

A number of these have helped me recently: cocomment, 30boxes, ourmedia. Librarything looks good too. Skype of course.

Which ones have helped you? And has anyone tried Ekklesia for churches?

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SBC New President and the Emerging Church

Img20066131280Lo"I see many valuable contributions to the SBC coming from the Emergent Leaders Movement.
I believe it is a positive thing to see a broader number of participants in our convention’s direction.
I personally applaud this movement."

Frank Page, interview with bloggers

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The 50 Books on My Emerging Church Bookshelf

[click to enlarge]
This is my emerging church bookshelf at home in UK where 50+ emerging church books sit happily together, one shelf above my missiology books which undergird them both spatially and philosophically. I am missing a number of excellent books that i have given away (like "Mission-Shaped Church") or are still in my library back in USA (McLaren's excellent book "Church on the Other Side") waiting for me to ship them over.

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Not Done With the FlannelGraph. Yet.

This one is part of the Wibsite Flannelgraph Season: The Joy of Fuzzy Felt. The crazy bloggers at Wibsite are giving new life to flannelgraphs and i only have one complaint . . . that i did not think of this first!!! Actually, i have been on the lookout for REAL ACTUAL flannelgraphs that i can use with my projector - which has an inbuilt document camera. But the electronic versions are OK too.

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At Glendalough, Ireland

Images-10Images-3-3200Px-Glendalough Monastic Site-1Images-1-3

Had a great time at Glendalough, the Celtic monastic site made famous by St Kevin. Its an amazing place and I really enjoyed a prayerful, nostalgic walk about the monastery grounds. Really peaceful and full of history. You can imagine what it felt like to arrive at the monastic city after a long pilgrimage or being a fugitive on the run and finding refuge here.

Image 00078We worked on drawing a Celtic knot just as the Scribes did. I know it sounds terribly arrogant for a Kiwi to be teaching celtic knotwork in Ireland but actually much of the knotwork was from my ancestors, the Picts. We looked into the symbolism of the Celtic knot and what it said about Trinity, movement, borders, etc and then explored some thoughts on pilgrimage. Brad and the Journey blog have some images and thoughts.

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After that we opened up Luke 10 to see Jesus idea of pilgrimage/ministry for his mission team and how that compared or contrasted with ours. Sometimes it was a grinding contrast which is not always fun or ear tickling as much as motivational pep talks or intellectual oratories but very necessary as we align what we are doing with the mission of God.

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