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Blogging Break

Taking a break from blogging. June is a busy month and i am on the road a lot. I want my home time to be hanging with my family and not tracking controversies or responding to comments. In fact, new comments will be held up until i can get to them - don't hold your breath.

June Schedule:
8-11 Dublin and Glendalough, Ireland (church planters)
16-18 Hoy Island, Orkney (with family)
19 Glasgow, Scotland
19 - Rome, Italy
20-23 Naples, Italy (DAWN Europe)
28-30 Lichfield, England (CMS)

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Bare Facts Uncovered on EC Criticism

The controversy over an emerging church's NUDE ministry on a Wales beach is uncovered in this ABC media watch report (video here). Glad to hear they found the bare facts and eventually presented the naked truth on what Rev. Adam Sapple was doing there with only a dog collar. Jonny has the skinny-dip.
- Sydney Anglicans have edited their critique online and will send out an apology in next month's hard copy issue. HT: Bruce Chant

I am betting this video will be the most watched EC-related video of the month.

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Emerging Church: New Zealand on top

Johannes played with the new Google service called Trends and typed in emerging church.

Very reassuring to see Godzone country take its RIGHTFUL place in the global emerging church hierarchy. Do I hear an Amen from my Kiwi homies? Sounds like a good reason to buy Emergent Kiwi Steve Taylor's excellent book "Out Of Bounds church" and see what all the fuss is about.
Also nice to see Doug Pagitt's home town take First City.

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Blogging Advice in the Wild Wild Web 2.0

The rules of blogging have changed for our brave new web and Eric Kintz has some good advice.
Why blog frequency does not matter anymore

#1 Traffic is generated by participating in the community; not daily posting
#2  Traffic is irrelevant to your blog’s success anyway
#3 Loyal readers coming back daily to check your posts is so Web 1.0
#4 Frequent posting is actually starting to have a negative impact on loyalty
#5 Frequent posting keeps key senior executives and thought leaders out of the blogosphere
#6 Frequent posting drives poor content quality
#7 Frequent posting threatens the credibility of the blogosphere
#8 Frequent posting will push corporate bloggers into the hands of PR agencies
#9 Frequent posting creates the equivalent of a blogging landfill
#10 I love my family too much


Number 5 is an interesting one.Executives dont have time to plow through the material. An email-and-blog approach makes sense here. I am looking into Zoodoka 2.0 as a blog to email solution. It can automatically send your blog RSS feed as email and also put your blog posts into a newsletter if thats what you want. What it offers over other programs is real time reporting on who is opening up your emails and how they responded. I think i will give it a whirl over the next month to see if it is WORTHY. Kudos to the Aussies who created it. HT: Johannes

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666: You Do The Math

Its the 6th day of the 6th month on the 6th year of a new century and its also a great day to freak out Christians. The fear of the number 666 is called hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia. Thats a big word. And possibly the biggest Technorati tag ever created. Google No. 1 rated site is 666Watch and Wikipedia have a page.

I remember when Marc Van Der Woude freaked us all out with this article.

For the record, I am old enough to remember 1984 when there was a lot of hype about 666 and the mark of the beast and all those books on eschatology that got left behind in bookstores in the early eighties. Today is a day to bring back that hype. Riddleblog asks who people think the antichrist is. USA Today has some thoughts about 666 and not getting left behind and Purgatorio has some images like this one.


But will it really happen one day? Read on for the actual passage from the Bible . . and you do the math.

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Ireland This Week

This week I will be with church innovators and leaders in Dublin and around Ireland who are focused on new movements in their country. They tell me it will be very low key and informal. And I heard that the Sunday brunch might be open to outsiders - if you can put up with me teaching from the Bible.

Our family were treated like royalty last year in Dublin by the Kingsley family (Phil and Cheryl) and it will be nice to see the others. I just took a look at Phil's blog and saw a page of photos from our time in Dublin - very cool.


Emerging Church Japan

When I was in Japan i was continually asked if i knew Lowell Shepherd. I still haven't met him but I like what I hear. In a fascinating interview with that i found on the Baker blog, Lowell throws out some great thoughts:
- "The non church movement however, is evidence of the Mission of God being expressed in Japan and I believe deserves a second look by missiologists."
-"The fact is that the western model of Sunday church meetings, and full mid week programs are wholly incompatible with the Group oriented society that pervades Japan. "

Regarding the emerging church movement in the west, Lowell feels that there is too much talk and "emerging" as a word feels a tad arrogant. He can say that if he wants to.

JapanandrewteachingI was really impressed to meet many young Japanese church planters in Tokyo and in the south. I attended one of their "parties" which involved sitting on mats eating really good Japanese food, discussing spiritual things with all kinds of people - mainly university students, while the DJ was spinning 1960's James Bond tracks. Loved it!!!!! Cant wait to get back there. The image here is me teaching "Tree By the River" which DJ Kenny Mitchell recorded [he didnt realize he was taping it] in Tokyo and put to music. Its the track called "Movement" on Brooklyn and Beyond and you will hear my voice and my Japanese translator.

DJ Kenny is a big fan of Japan btw and has gone there to encourage the churches quite a few times.

Heres a sample track from the Cross Rhythms site. [MP3] Buying an album will help DJ Kenny get over to our Die Gefaehrten Global Roundtable for Emerging Church Leaders (Germany, Aug 6-8) and we really want him there. Check out his web site and click on audio. Heck - someone just send him $500 and tell him to buy a plane ticket.

And if you have that kind of money to throw around . . . i mean . . . INVEST in emerging church leaders who want to come to our Roundtable in August, let me know i and i can send you some names. the good news is that Trevor McPherson of Underground Railroad has raised a little money and now we can pay half the fare for some of the leaders we invited from Mexico, Turkey, Macedonia and Paraguay. But there are still many countries not represented.

Sorry - didn't mean to end this post by passing the hat
[Images-1-2 TRICKSY LITTLE KIWI!!!!]
but hey - there is so much criticism about emerging leaders not having enough connection or training and yet very little resources to make it happen. But happen it will. And we hope Japan might send one or two of their leaders also. A Die Gefaehrten blog is in the making but is not fully running yet. Which brings me back to Japan so i can finish off this post on topic.

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Party's Over

Thats it. Thanks for coming over.

The wife had me gardening most of the day - saturday being a no internet for this blogaholic - but it was nice to read your comments. I am serious about the book deal if anyone has the time to go through the blog and make a mash-up.

Love you guys. Really.

and now that my 5 year blogiversary is over, i would like to spend more time on your blogs, getting to know you all better and leaving obnoxious comments with you.

Peace and love.