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A Blog Post for the Other Andrews

Word out for the Andrews out there. Blogging has put me in touch with many other Andrews and even a few with my full name "Andrew Jones". One of them emailed me a while ago, expressing his profound disappointment that i was a Jesus Freak. Oh well.

I make number 10 for "Andrew". Thats quite amazing for me and a place of honor - out of 575 million results for Andrew. And so I want to mention the other Andrews more findable than me:

1. Andrew Corporation with the enviable domain name Andrew.com
2. Andrew Sullivan who writes on politics

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3. 4. and 5. are Hurricane Andrew
6. Andrew User Interface System from the Andrew Corporation
7. Andrew W.K. a musician and performer
8. Andrew Grumet a blogger, geek, and bit-torrent/RSS pioneer
9. Andrew Tanenbaum is a geeky computer scientist.

In the Google.com Top Ten Page are a number of Andrew Joneses who deserve a mention:
- Andrew Jones - thats me - my blog and my old blog both make this page. My apologies to the other Andrew Joneses for taking first place but please know you are more than welcome to take it from me.
- Andruw Jones - some baseball in player in USA who cant even spell his own name. Gosh . . . I'm embarrassed have a similar sounding name as this guy. And he takes up three plots of Andrew Jones real estate on the top ten page.
- Andrew Jones.- a famous concept artist. I come across his work often.
- Peter Andrew Jones - also an artist
- Bruin Alumni Assoc. President Andrew Jones, who looks like my cousin Eric
- Professor Andrew Jones at York University
- Andrew Jones, alias androidjones.com, who may in fact be the same concept artist as above. I used his graphic for the beginning of this post.

Andrew Jones, of the enviable domain name andrewjones.com, does not make the top ten. I should also mention that in a google search for "Andrew Jones, lamer" I take the top two hits, as I do with "Andrew Jones, heretic"

There is a poet named Andrew J. Jones who shares not only my name but also my middle initial. His poetry is much better than mine so please, do not insult him by attributing his poetry to me.

Other Andrew's you will come across in the emerging church conversation include Andrew Hamilton [backyard missionary] and Andrew Careaga [bloggedy blog] who used to get a higher rating for "andrew" than I did. Still, he makes page 3 on Google. Check out his new podcasts on bloggedy pod.

So . . . to all the Andrews out there and especially those who answer to Andrew Jones, I salute you.

UPDATE: And [oooppss . .. in my haste I forgot the OTHER AJ] Andrew Jackson of Smart Christian . . of course . . as the megablogger par excellence who deserves to be much higher in the benevolent eyes of Google and probably will be with a little more time.
And . . now that I think of it, I need to mention my blogger friends Andrew Dowsett, Andrew Perriman,

uh oh - - i have forgotten you, havent I? OK - put a comment below, you andrews of the world, and leave a link to your blog.