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A Mosque Visit Today

Went to the Mosque today with our group. Our guide was Ahmed Bahm, spokesman for the Gloucester Muslim Association, who has written a number of articles, including a piece in tomorrows newspaper - the one year anniversary of the bombing in London, July 7th, 2005. Ahmed was very courteous and spent a good hour explaining Islam and answering our questions, and giving us a tour through the Mosque - the ablution area for bathing was the most interesting.
Many of our group (twice as many females as males . . . thus all the veils) will be living in Muslim countries very shortly and it was good to find out as much as we could. And i have to ask the question again . . . when it comes to giving up careers and home-country for the gospel and the global plans of God . . where are all the men? And puuuleeeeeeze will people stop saying the missional church is male dominated because i keep looking and i see what i see and i see what they write and the two don't add up.
btw - I have conveniently cropped this self-taken phone-camera image so that you don't see how far my hair has receded. If only they had head-coverings for men . . .

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