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Emerging Church Diva

Kw6-2Is this the face of the USA Emerging Church? Karen Ward is enjoying a week in UK as the Emerging Church "Diva", representing as much as she can of the emerging church around USA. At home in Seattle, she is part of an urban monastic style church and has been blogging since 2001.

Karen is part of the BLAH tour going on right now in UK called Emerging Churches: Creating Christian Community in a Postmodern Culture, hosted by Ryan Bolger. If you live in the UK, then make sure you get to one of the Blah sessions held around the country over the next week. Schedule here. Ryan Bolger (Fuller) and Karen Ward (COTA, Seattle) will be leading these sessions based on the book. More details on PDF.

I will be with them next Thursday in London for a 24 hour thinktank.

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