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Days of the Dead at Cornerstone

Interesting conversation going on about Cornerstone Festival's Imaginarium theme this year - named Days of the Dead. Quite controversial, actually. A 'covert mission' to witness to the Christians at Cornerstone has led to a conversation that will no doubt explode onto the wider stage. Slice opens the issue, and accuses Cornerstone of introducing occultism. Lint Hatcher responds from Cornerstone's perspective.

Yellowskull Mike Hartenstein mentions the 'protesters' in his report who were handing out leaflets and wrapping toilet paper around the Asylum tent and i can only guess this is a reference to the 'covert mission' mentioned earlier. John Morehead, a speaker at the Imaginarium, speaks on his blog about the thinking behind the theme, and the connection between halloween and Days of the Dead.

Michael at Evangelical Resources was there at Imaginarium. He has more links than me and is the next blog-stop if you want to track this conversation. He says Cornerstone's attempt was "itself devoid of occultic elements" and feels Slice "dramatically overstates" what happened .

As for me and my house, I think we need to address festivals and rituals and decide for ourselves and our families whether they should be redeemed [like Easter and Christmas] . . . or NOT. We also need to be very thoughtful in our contextualization lest we "blunder" our way through and end up losing the prophetic message or in syncretism. Its a tricky balance.

Related: Trevor McPherson who heads up the Underground ministries Roundtable each year at Cornerstone will be at our Roundtable in Germany next month. Maybe he will give us the skinny.

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