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Have WiFi, Will Travel

Well I dont have one, yet. But since many conference centers don't have a Wifi connection, like the one i have just come from last week, I could always bring my own along. The Kyocera KR1 Mobile Router might be just the ticket. Laughing Squid has roadtested it and BoingBoing approves but it looks like it will only work for my American conferences.
Ev-Do Router 4
I have also been toying with the idea of using web-based conference material rather than computer based. With wfi, I could just lead people through a web presentation and they could access it also in real time, and after the conference. Very Web 2.0 . . . My only holdback is the lack of wifi at most conference centers and churches. But all that will soon change with toys like this one. Does anyone have one yet?

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Other Tech News;
- Next generation Mac OS 5.1 [Leopard] should feature calls from i-chat 4.0 to traditional phone lines [macrumors]
- $60 software to be released this summer called Crossover will let you run Windows apps on an intel Mac without buying Windows. [MacCentral]

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