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Renewing Your Passion for The Bible

Mike at reminds us that the second half of the year has just begun and today is THE day to renew the passion for reading through your Bible in 2006. Well, yesterday was . . . actually. But thats OK. So if you started well but have recently let it go, why not get back into reading through your Bible day by day? And do it as a community of 2,707 people in 73 countries. Psalms has just started up again also so we get a second helping.

And Mike, thanks for your excellent images along the way.
Acts21Praise The Lord RumorsThe20Apostle20Paul20By20Rembrandt20Van20-1Acts20

What i do is drop the OneYearBibleBlog RSS feed into my NewsReader and place it at top of my list. That way i can see it and read it before i check anything else. I also hit the "columns" button on BibleGateway so that i can see all 4 passages at the same time, just in case i spot any patterns. you know . ..

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