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Video Jockeys in the Church

Wl Logo 2-1I have an article in the Culture Watch section of the most recent Worship Leader Magazine called "The Church VJ". It covers the role of the video jockey in church worship, as well as a little history on how the church has been pioneering the art of throwing pictures on a wall since Jesuit missionaries and David Livingstone were using the Magic Lantern to show the gospel many years ago.

Legionscr 1The VJ is still a shadowy figure in church circles and a way under-appreciated artist in the wider scene. But their time will come. In the article I give some practical advice on toning it down, finding alternative places to project, and what kind of video to use. In case you were wondering, I been using Arkaos VJ 3.5.1 for the past 3 years, after a much needed upgrade from G-Force.

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Go and buy a print copy somewhere or subscribe to the online version. You will also see a piece by my musical friend David Crowder, and fellow blogger Mark Roberts in "Come, Now is the Time for Blogging.

BTW - My last WL article was Getting Things Moving which got a little heat because i used the forbidden word "labyrinth". If you have read my recent article on The Church VJ and want to discuss the article with me, or you have a question like . . "do you think the Church VJ will replace the Church Flower Lady?" . . .then leave a comment below.