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Global Briefing in Chattanooga next week.

Next week I will be in Chattanooga, Tennessee to taste their BBQ and present information on what I believe God is doing in the global emerging culture. Pray for me. I want to give an honest account of these new movements, create an appropriate level of excitement and provide ways for wise participation in the future. I have one hour to speak and will do so on Thursday 24th Aug. The briefing is hosted by the Maclellan Foundation and will involve 12 -15 key foundations who are interested in playing their part to complete the Great Commission. And no . . . you cant come.

I have briefed American foundations on the global emerging church before in Dallas (2004) and Virginia (2005). What i said in Virginia was blogged here.

Tn Vols Bbq-3Texas BBQ, in case you were wondering, is big on beef (chopped or sliced) while the more southernly states look down on BBQ beef (especially Georgians) and prefer chopped pork. Tennessee is famous for its ribs, but I am ecumenical enough to eat whatever is put before me (Luke 10). But seriously . . . do pray for me. I am humbled by the invitation to this Global Briefing and am very aware of my shortcomings and inadequacies as I try to represent the movements in the various continents - each one being very different and having unique needs . . . as you know.

JohnstonHighlight for me, apart from eating Tennessee BBQ, will be meeting Patrick Johnstone in person. We have exchanged emails before, and i helped with the research for Operation World on emerging youth culture, but I have never met Patrick. Both of us were on the MV Logos at one point, he in 1979 with his wife and myself in 1985 with my American girlfriend. . . . ahhh . . right before we got married.
Yes . . that is how I met Debbie.
Yes, the same wife and only wife
Yes, the one with me last week on our 19th anniversary
Yes, we were living together on the ship but . . .
No . . not in the same cabin.
No . . we did not have sex until we got married.
Any more questions?
how the heck did we end up here???????

GagalMy partner in crime, who will be presenting the emerging church scene in Latin America, will be my good friend Olgavaro Bastos Jnr of Tribal Generation fame.

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